Halal Slaughtering

The market specializes in providing halal slaughtering services, ensuring that the meat is prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary guidelines. This involves following specific procedures and practices to ensure that the animals are slaughtered humanely and the meat is permissible for consumption by Muslims.

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Custom Processing

Customers have the option to request custom processing of their meat. This service allows them to specify their preferred cuts, packaging, and portion sizes. Whether it’s a specific cut for a special recipe or personalized packaging for retail purposes, the market accommodates individual preferences.

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Wholesale Meat Supplies

In addition to serving individual customers, the market caters to businesses and establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores. They offer wholesale meat supplies in large quantities, enabling these businesses to source high-quality halal meat at competitive prices to meet their commercial needs.

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Storage and Cold Facilities

To maintain the freshness and quality of the meat, the market provides storage and cold facilities. These facilities are equipped with temperature-controlled environments that ensure the meat remains in optimal condition. By storing the meat in proper conditions, it extends its shelf life and preserves its taste and texture.


Food Safety and Hygiene Standards

Michigan Halal Meat Market places a strong emphasis on food safety and hygiene. They adhere to strict protocols and guidelines to ensure that the meat is handled, processed, and stored in a clean and sanitary environment. This includes regular sanitation practices, proper equipment cleaning, and following local health regulations.

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Packing and Labeling

The market offers packing and labeling services to ensure that the meat products are packaged professionally and labeled accurately. This includes detailed information such as the type of cut, weight, expiration date, and any relevant nutritional information. Proper packaging and labeling contribute to the overall presentation and consumer confidence in the products.

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