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Michigan Halal MEATS

Michigan Halal Meats is a leading provider of high-quality halal certified meat products serving customers across North America. Committed to offering exceptional halal meats, they specialize in a wide range of meat cuts, including whole lambs, halves, legs, and more.


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Halal Slaughtering

Michigan Halal Meats can provide halal-certified slaughtering services, ensuring that the animals are processed according to Islamic dietary guidelines.


Custom Processing

Michigan Halal Meats can offer custom processing services, where customers can request specific cuts, packaging, and processing methods according to their preferences.


Wholesale Meat Supply

Michigan Halal Meats can supply wholesale quantities of various meat products to restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses in the food industry.


Storage and Cold Storage Facilities

Michigan Halal Meats can offer storage facilities, including cold storage, to preserve and store meat products under optimal conditions to maintain freshness and quality.


Food Safety and Hygiene Standards

Michigan Halal Meats can adhere to strict food safety and hygiene standards, implementing measures to prevent contamination and maintain a clean and safe processing environment.


Packaging and Labeling

Michigan Halal Meats can provide professional packaging and labeling services, ensuring that the meat products are appropriately labeled with relevant information such as weight, cut, and expiration dates.


A Few Words About Us

Michigan Halal Meats proudly serves customers across the country with a wide variety of cuts of meat.

We offer an extensive selection of halal-certified meats, including goat, cow, sheep, and more. Our commitment to providing diverse options ensures that individuals from different cultural backgrounds can find the meats they desire while adhering to their dietary preferences.

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Certified Experts

Certified Experts is committed to facilitating the growth and success of halal meat markets by providing access to certified professionals who can offer specialized expertise in the halal food industry.

Quality Services

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our values. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, open communication, and mutual success. We actively seek feedback and continuously improve our services to ensure that our clients receive the best possible experience.

Affordable Pricing

At Michigan Halal Meats, we understand the importance of offering affordable pricing without compromising on the quality and integrity of our halal meat products. Our commitment is to provide our customers with access to high-quality, halal-certified meats at competitive prices.

14+ Years Of Invaluable Experience In The Halal Meat Industry

Throughout our extensive journey, we have consistently upheld the highest standards of halal practices and quality in all aspects of our operations.

Some of Our


At Michigan Halal Meats, we prioritize freshness and quality in our halal meat products. We have established a reliable supply chain that ensures we receive animals on a weekly basis, guaranteeing that our customers have access to the freshest meats.

Client Testimonial

Best place for fresh lamb. I buy my meat at Michigan Halal Meats every month. My money goes a lot further here. I will never buy meat from anywhere else again. Meat can't get any fresher. Love this place. Thanks Guys, I'll see you next month.

Wow. If I could give 6 stars I would. The guys handled my order with such care. So much respect for the staff and the outstanding job. Not going anywhere else. Thank you all! Highly recommend this place, the best! 5/5

This is the beautiful place for you to get the meats. It’s clean place and staffs are so friendly. If you want Goats, Cows, and sheep this is the best place to go.